The Other Side presents…..Filmmaker Jacen Tan

The Other Side presents…..Filmmaker Jacen Tan

In the bid to help promote local artists. The Other Side is conducting a series of talks and workshops where audiences can exchange tips and experiences. It will then be followed by a showcase of the artist’s work.

This round, features local film maker, Jacen Tan, who will give a talk on budget film-making followed by a screening of his short films, which include Tak Giu and Zo Gang.

Limited space so please register at or call 91813142

Date: 29th November 2008, Saturday
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Venue: The Other Side
66 Rowell Road
Singapore 207439
Admission: Free
Contact: / 91813142

*The Other Side presents….is a series of monthly talks and showcase of different artist of different nature. Curated by The Other Side.

About the Filmmaker
Director: Jacen Tan (Singapore) –
Jacen got lucky when his first short film, Tak Giu (Kick Ball), gained a cult following with 100,000 views in 6 months after it was distributed free on the Internet. In 2005, his 2nd film, Zo Peng (Go Army), won 2nd place at the Panasonic/MDA Digital Film Fiesta, Short Film Open Category. Jacen’s latest films, Zo Gang & Zo Hee (Go Work & Make Movie) continue his well-received style of low budget film making with a unique sense of local humour. He is currently working on Kwa Giu (Watch Football), a documentary about the electrifying match atmosphere in Singapore’s National Stadium, which is slated to be demolished.

Jacen also directed a music video for popular Singaporean alternative-rock band, Lunarin. ‘Silverpiece’ was shot in his living room and showcased at the MIDEM Music Market in Cannes.
About his films

Zo Peng (Go Army)
– 15min
Three friends help one another overcome their personal confinements, relationship and work problems during compulsory national service… with a twist!
Tak Giu (Kick Ball) – 15min
Having taken up the challenge of a friendly match, 3 soccer-crazy boys realize that it is not easy to find a good, free public soccer field in Singapore…..if there’s any at all. Through their journey they encounter obnoxious care-takers, locked-up fences, deterring weather and a persistent policeman. Will they be able to find their dream soccer pitch?

The story explores the issues of soccer amenities, and the attitudes of Singaporeans towards local and foreign soccer. 2 years after Tak Giu was released online and became a cult-hit, 284 State fields were upgraded and opened for public recreation.

Zo Gang (Go Work) – 9min
Film-maker wannabe, Ah-Tan is sick of his day job. Join Ah-Tan on his way to work one day, as he discusses and pokes fun at local film and music, while plotting his path to become Singapore’s next great director.

This comedy on the difficulties of making film and music will leave you wondering about the state of the Arts in Singapore!

Zo Hee (Make Movie) – 14min
In this sequel to the popular Zo Gang, follow Ah-Tan as he continues his journey to shoot his first film, facing problems like budget constraints and security guards. Zo Hee was specially commissioned by The Substation to celebrate indie filmmaking and commemorate 10 years of its Moving Images film programme.
Featuring cameo appearances by Singapore filmmakers like Tan Pin Pin, Juan Foo, Sun Koh and Lionel Chok.

Kwa Giu (Watch Football)
Slated to be released in 2009

Map to The Other Side


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