International Buy Nothing Day @ The Other Side!

International Buy Nothing Day @ The Other Side!

29th November is International Buy Nothing Day. A 24-Hour moratorium on shopping. Tied up so intimately with our outlook, lifestyle and eventual sustainability of our roots on the only planet we call home, it is a day to contemplate our consumer cultured landscape, a time to seek activities beyond malls and purchases.

Come join us in 2 FREE events at The Other Side Gallery! An exhibition with live art participation and a screening. Both are free admission and open to public.


AD-A-MANT – Series 1
26th Nov 08 – 30th Nov 08

AD-A-MANT examines the relation of advertisements in public areas and that of our mental environment. Are there innocuous or sublime elements we have taken for granted? And if you had a chance to change it, what would you do?

Inspired by self-encouragement scrawled on study tables and discoloured walls…this INTERACTIONAL exhibition invites you to come and alter the space as you would LIKE it. Be a part of the art.

Watch artists reclaim public spaces in front of you, in LIVE ART ! (only on Friday)


(documentary screening)
29th Nov 08

A refreshing take on consumerism, performance artist ‘Reverend Billy’ and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir goes on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse (the end of humankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt.) The film also delves into issues such as the role sweatshops play in America’s mass consumerism and Big-Box Culture.

Event Info

Exhibition runs from 26th Nov – 30th Nov.

at The Other Side 66 Rowell Road Singapore 207439

Opening Hours.

Wed – Thurs 6pm – 10pm

Friday 5pm – 10pm (Live Art -8pm)

Sat and Sun 3pm – 10pm

Documentary screening on the 29th of November at 7pm. Admission is free

Limited space so please register at or call 98525902

Organized by: Underneath the Radar.
Supported by: The Other Side

About the Organizer

Underneath the Radar: Website under construction
Nina, Wan and Shin. 3 friends, curious and concerned with our society’s current predicament, who want to encourage plural perspectives, with the exchange of thought-provoking art and film events to throw forward more public discussions on these issues. Underneath the Radar, debuted in 2006, as a series of screenings featuring independant documentaries on contemporary social issues faced by our changing world. Folks @ UTR was adopted for spontaneous projects created in this spirit ! So keep an ear tuned for the next one!


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  1. MA Says:

    Hope you accept HMTL code from youtube, because you really ought to watch this video

    In case you don’t, checkout this link:

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