About The Other Side

The Other Side is a new art space conceptualized by abstract idealist, Terence Lau, to showcase events of an independent nature. In his spare time, Terence organizes events under his “label”, Platform* and creates soundscapes under the moniker, w.y.x.m.m. In his professional life, he takes care of all the technical needs of The Substation Ltd as the Technical Manager.

The Other Side is available for rent. Do contact for details.

Opening Hours:
By appointment


The Other Side is located in the heart of Little India at Rowell Road, a new up and coming arts soho. It is situated in a heritage conservation type house and consists of the following area:

Appx. size.

  • Living room/Gallery

5.16m X 6.4m

  • Classroom/Office/Studio

5.16m X 3.4m

  • Backroom

The backroom area is more of a simple lounge like area which consist of a kitchen area and a washroom area.

  • Courtyard

Nice chill out area with a stone table, perfect for hot afternoons or cool evenings.


Contact to enquire.



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